Thursday, March 24, 2016

Super Pacs - A Wink & a Nod....Trump calling out the OBVIOUS Cruz lie.

Super Pacs and candidates they may support...are independent of one another. The candidate cannot influence and therefore does NOT!.....

Well, sorry pal, you're a Sucker....if you think for a minute that without the blessing of a candidate that a super pac would even exist.   I'm not BUYING it!
My name is Tucker, NOT sucker.

 Now, along comes Cruz and his shot across the bow of Trumps primal element.  
His warrior in him...will not allow a shot across the bow.

Trump's Power of Certainty and his WILL to play to win, not NOT to lose is paramount to all.  

Trump knows what he knows and knows what he does not know.

His Wife to shot, that we all know full and well that Cruz had wind of it, at least and by saying nothing gave tacit approval.  This is only LOGIC guided by experience.

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