Sunday, March 27, 2016

Women and Trump Sad....sad.....sad....

SAD, Sad, sad...
is how the LEFT the Marxist Left must be when they SEE the Truth of just HOW Trump 
respect, adores, and cherishes ALL life....not just men, not just woman.....

Watch this ADVOCACY "journalist" attempt to MOCK this women supporter of trump....says everything 
A Real MAN understands ...we as MEN cherish woman, and all of our woman NURTURE men. 
Women speak UP for President Trump...what the marxist left does not want YOU to see


Woman hired ON THE SPOT

Internet sensation Diamond & SILK on Trunmp


The BEST Vicious Snake Trump Rendition
 Trump MEME's Fun, Relevant, Inspiring, and some simply NEEDLESS...but who am I to say...
yours truly, Tony Venuti 

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