Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump sells using VIRTUE, Politicians sell using EVIL ...DOers vs DOees - Power of Certainty

How a Seller working via VIRTUE sells as opposed to those who sell behind EVIL

Selling via Virtue

I will tell what I will do...
I will DO it...
I will show you that I did it...

President TRUMP possesses the Power of Certainty

The EVIL selling paradigm

A LOSER will
Tell you what he did YESTERDAY....
Tell you what he "will" do tomorrow"
Will then REPEAT number one and number two

Originated in Islam, Learned by the MAFIA, who Taught Alinsky, who brought it to the GHETTOcrats

Trump..."people are simply emotional".....NO STUPID

It's not emotional...its #Primordial

adjective: primordial

    existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.
    "the primordial oceans"
    synonyms: ancient, earliest, first, prehistoric, antediluvian, primeval
    "the primordial oceans"
        (especially of a state or quality) basic and fundamental.
        "the primordial needs of the masses"
        synonyms: instinctive, primitive, basic, primal, primeval, intuitive, inborn, innate, inherent, visceral
        "their primordial desires"
        (of a cell, part, or tissue) in the earliest stage of development.

is it anger or fear?

Has OBAMA been brought up with #WhitePrivilege?
Grew up in Hawaii...
Brought up by the white half of his family.....
Educated in Elite private schools.....
Yes, really BLEAK''By the TIME those who believe Obama & their lying eyes see...

it may be too late

Shuck & Jive, chicago way, liberal black alinsky driven way, Mafia way, Islam way...

oh you're angry" the #marxistMEdia get the #marxistLiberals downplay the legitimacy of anger -

Trump is Cavalry  #trumpisCavalry
How a Winner speak....s

Law of survival in cahoots with law of diminishing returns

Trump to end the full of shchitte bullschitte

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