Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump "I am the Pop Culture." The Making of a the chagrin of the Marxist Left

So CALLED moderates

Jealousy BREEDS contempt....reluctant conservative. meets closet liberal

The Marxist LEFT thought they OWNED the Pop-CULTure

The March 15th..."second" super Tuesday....Trump takes all but ONE state.  The Media are BESIDE themselves in understanding the appeal of the future President.  Why is that?  A duel question.

Why is the media dumbfounded What is it that makes President Trump so popular.

Allow me....

First the Media needs to get out of their bubble to SEE the obvious. 
When one isn't IN the rain getting wet, for the first time,  like regular can't explain what exactly the meaning of getting wet is.
Try telling a fish its WET...they have NO clue

The Media now for the past 50 years, taken over by the PopCult.  The Media's own syntax is popCULTure driven.  Using metaphors right out of the gangster language..."how did that go down" is only one of many examples.  Treating the elections like a constant barrage of Boxing metaphors....Ever since the Mickey Mouse club we have been learning about who we are more via popCULTure than what is taught in our universities.
     Bottom LINE is President Trump is the POPculture personified.  He is Tony Soprano COOL.  He speaks with syntax...and street slang as Tony Soprano.

Trump and Motown....Crossing over the COLOR - Ideological DIVIDE...lwhy Trump succeeds

Trump today meets yesterdays MOTOWN....the Crossover...

Trump isn't the have The Terminator winning the governorship in California...staunch Liberal, reflecting California's liberal perv element has conservatives as well vote him in. 

     Arnold NEVER built a THING...he did play MAKE Believe really WELL.  The precedent of President Trump is the FACT that he Did, Does and continues to  BUILD things in ACTUALITY suggests the two are NOT the same.  Maker vs Taker

The Liberals have been using COOL to win elections for sometime.
      The "cool" of being Victim is how the popCULT's cool works for Liberals....Antithetical to which is President Trump all things Conservative....he MAKES things...does not take things, and never whines when he doesn't win

  But President Trump's  CELEBRITY and his message of personal wealth...."you can be like me...Rich" when we make America great again is HIS message and is a Conservative message.  The boss of me.

The Pop Cult celebrated by all, literally ....the last bastions of political free expression...sports and politics has finally be totally encompassed in the POPcult.  Is it any surprise that the popCulture made President Trump?
    It's a PRIMAL hit to understand President Trump.  We consciously for some, and unconsciously for most...are AFRAID to DEATH what is becoming of our GREAT Country.... 

Cultural Marxism's usurpation of our cultural paradigm has been the plan of the masterminds for over 100 years....

Donald Trump is the Answer to the Joe McCarthy ERROR


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